Terms of Restitution

A stand-alone thriller from the author of the bestselling DCI Daley Series

Denzil Meyrick author


Publisher:Birlinn General

Published:3rd Mar '22


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Terms of Restitution cover


He fled to London, seeking salvation by walking away from his money, his career and his legacy. But when his old second-in-command Malky Maloney tracks him down, Finn knows he must return. Both his real family and his crime family face an existential threat from Albanian mobsters hellbent on taking control of the Scottish underworld and the forces of law and order determined to inflict their own retribution.

Finn’s fight for survival is a rollercoaster ride of brutality, misplaced loyalties and the utterly unexpected. The road to redemption is perilous – and paved with blood.

‘A rollicking rollercoaster of violence, misplaced loyalties and some very unexpected interventions that combine to produce one of the most satisfying gangland thrillers of the year'

* Irish Independent *

'an engrossing read… crackling with tension and the inevitability of violence'

* The Herald paperback review *

'Meyrick’s breaking the mould with the latest offering straight out of the underworld of Paisley and the gritty streets of London'

* Sunday Post *

'A winning combination of fisticuffs and philosophy'

-- Mark Sanderson * Times and Sunday Times Crime Club *

'This gritty, gripping gangland stand-alone crime thriller from the author of the bestselling DCI Daley series, is a wild ride you won’t want to miss'

* LoveReading eBook of the month, staff pick and expert review *

'Dark humour has helped to make his thrillers world famous'

-- Magnus Linklater * Times interview *

'This Glasgow and Paisley-set gangland thriller would make a great TV series'

-- Joyce Macmillan * Scotland on Sunday *

'An enjoyable and fast paced thriller/crime novel that leaves its readers almost as breathless as it leaves many of its characters, though in a rather different way'

* Undiscovered Scotland *

'This one isn't to be missed… it’s brilliant!'

* Waterstones Falkirk *

'I loved this. It’s addictive, beautifully constructed, and a wild and sometimes surprising ride through a gangland that is both believable and utterly gripping'

* LiveAndDeadly *

'Another corker from Mr Meyrick… oooh, this author gets better and better. A brilliant, at times terrifying, story of ganglands, revenge, and how hard it is to escape the life of crime. As ever superb characters and believable plots make this a must read'

-- Waterstones bookseller, Horsham branch

'Powerful, plausible and utterly gripping'

* FIVE STAR REVIEW, Waterstones and Amazon customer *

‘Fast paced, brutal and brilliant… Crime writing at its best’

-- Amazon customer

'The author has produced a first class thriller that is as much character driven as its content of action and violence'


ISBN: 9781846976025

Dimensions: 198mm x 129mm x 22mm

Weight: 266g

400 pages