A Large Measure of Snow

A Tale From Kinloch

Denzil Meyrick author


Publisher:Birlinn General

Published:1st Oct '20


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A Large Measure of Snow cover

It's December 1967, and the town of Kinloch is cut off by heavy snow. With all roads closed, the only way to feed and water the townsfolk is for the fishing fleet to sail to Girvan for much needed supplies.

But the skipper of the Girl Maggie, Sandy Hoynes, has a problem. First mate Hamish has, to everyone's astonishment, been chosen as Young Fisherman of the Year by a Glasgow newspaper. Marooned in the town and with one eye on a scoop, their reporter decides to join the fishing crew on their mercy mission. The thought of the publicity - and some remuneration - delights Hoynes. But Hamish hasn't told him the whole story.

As the blizzards worsen, the crew of the Girl Maggie embark upon a trip like no other, encountering ghostly Vikings, gigantic crustaceans and a helpful seagull.

'A Para Handy-style tale celebrating the bygone boats and banter of [Campbeltown’s] busy fishing port ... Brimming with bonhomie, bristling with banter and laced with a healthy dose of fantasy – Denzil believes it has universal appeal and could be a beacon of light to pierce the pandemic-induced gloom'

* Sunday Post *

'It sings with the evocation of time, place and people, and the humour and truth behind fishermen’s tall tales'

-- Kirsty McLuckie * Scotsman *

'Meyrick's novella is a break with crime and bulges with satire - It's Para Handy on a hallucinogenic trip'

-- Stuart Cosgrove

'I hold my hands up and say DCI Daley is the only crime series I wait eagerly for, so when I heard Denzil Meyrick had written a novella I jumped for joy, and I was 100% rewarded. This is laugh out loud funny, atmospheric ( I had to hide my chips from the Seagulls at one point I was so convinced I was in Kinloch) and utterly charming. I shall give a copy to all my friends and family. We all need a bit of cheer at the moment. MUST READ'

* Waterstones Bookseller *

'A compelling, adventurous, and somewhat quirky tale of the sea ... There are some mystical touches of otherworldliness to be discovered along the way that really appealed to me, as did Sandy and the lobster! Amusing and entertaining, A Large Measure of Snow would make a perfect stocking filler for all the Denzil Meyrick fans out there'

-- Liz Robinson * LoveReading.co.uk *

'A brilliant atmospheric book'

* UK Crime Book Club *

'I will give a copy of this pure & utter joy to all my friends & family. Feel good & laugh out loud doesn’t begin to describe this little novella'

* Waterstones Horsham *

'The perfect winter antidote'

* The Oban Times *

'A ghostly adventure'

* Scots Magazine *

'May stir up memories for those who lived through the blizzards of the 40s, 60s, and 2013, which saw Kintyre cut off from the rest of the country'

* Campbeltown Courier *

'Denzil Meyrick’s DCI Daley series covers the named detective in the fictional town of Kinloch…The novels are suitably dark and unfold slowly'

* CityWire - Wealth Management Magazine *

'A really lovely short novel by Denzil Meyrick. It’s also quite unlike anything we’ve read from him before. The setting remains familiar but this isn’t a crime novel and neither is it contemporary. We found ourselves thinking of Para Handy’s exploits as we followed the various misadventures of a hallucinating skipper, an accident-prone mate and a seasick reporter. A fine and enjoyable winter’s tale'

* Undiscovered Scotland *

'Scottish writers already have an admirable international reputation ... The Kintyre-set stories of crime-writer Denzil Meyrick have a substantial following in America where his books are successful both traditionally and in e-book form'

* The National *

'Brimming with humour and a delight to read from start to finish. For such a short novel, there’s barrels of laughs to enjoy. It’s hard to find criticism with this book. Look no further for a delightful read'

* Dundee Courier, Scottish Book of the We

ISBN: 9781846975578

Dimensions: 204mm x 135mm x 15mm

Weight: 257g

152 pages