The Dead Don't Boogie

Douglas Skelton author



Published:8th Sep '16

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The Dead Don't Boogie cover

A missing teenage girl should be an easy job for Dominic Queste – after all, finding lost souls is what he does best. But wouldn’t it be better sometimes if lost souls just stayed that way? Jenny Deavers is trouble. She’s being hunted, and for the people tracking her, murder is nothing. As the bodies pile up, so does the pressure on Queste, both to protect Jenny and to find out who wants her dead. The trail leads him to a brutal world of gangsters, merciless hitmen, dark family secrets and an insatiable lust for power in the highest echelons of politics. Modern noir at its finest.

"Crime to make you laugh out loud, with a new hero, warm and witty investigator Dominic Queste, delving into the dark side of the west of Scotland. I look forward to reading more Queste adventures." - Alex Gray's Books of the Year, The Times Crime Club. "A heady mixture of hardboiled detective novel and super-sharp black humour and it's a winning combination that will keep you engaged throughout." - Crime Fiction Lover. "A great read that draws you in and keeps you hooked until it spits you out, 235 extremely enjoyable pages later... satisfying and convincing, and unexpected." - Undiscovered Scotland. "The plot rattles along at break-neck speed. This is modern pulp fiction at its best... fast-paced and flippant." - Alastair Braidwood, Scots Whay Hae. "A simple commission to locate a missing young woman leads seedy former cokehead Dominic Queste into the dark side of Glasgow. Gangs, drugs and plenty of violence stand in the way of a happy outcome, but on the bright side Queste can be relied on to have a darkly witty take on his predicament." - The Times Crime Club. "Fast-paced, funny and frightening - Dominic Queste's first outing supplies it all." - Lin Anderson. "Absolutely brilliant. A quick-witted and vastly entertaining novel that takes Douglas Skelton into the crime fiction big league." - Alex Gray. "If you like your humour black and your detective novels hard boiled, The Dead Don't Boogie is a cut above the rest." - Theresa Talbot. "A white-knuckle, wisecracking thrill-ride." - Caro Ramsay

ISBN: 9781910192443

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240 pages