The Janus Run

Douglas Skelton author



Published:20th Sep '18


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The Janus Run cover

When Coleman Lang finds his girlfriend Gina dead in his New York City apartment, he thinks nothing could be worse...until he becomes the prime suspect. Desperate to uncover the truth and clear his name, Coleman hits the streets. But there's a deranged Italian hitman, an intuitive cop, two US Marshals, and his ex-wife all on his tail. And trying to piece together Gina's murky past without dredging up his own seems impossible. Worse, the closer he gets to Gina's killer, the harder it is to evade the clutches of the mysterious organisation known only as Janus - from which he'd long since believed himself free. Packed with plot twists, suspense and an explosive climax, The Janus Run is an edge-of-the-seat, breathtaking thriller - NYC noir at its finest.

"Gritty, raw, edge-of-your-seat thrills… Has your heart racing, blood pumping and your brain questioning everything after each turn of the page! A thrilling and intriguing plot, great narrative and strong characters." Crime Book Junkie; "To call The Janus Run gripping is understatement writ large. But perhaps all you need to know is this - while reading it on the train I missed my station, completely absorbed by what was unfolding, which is the first time that has happened... Douglas Skelton has written a thriller truly worthy of the name." Alistair Braidwood, Scots Whay Hae; "Wow! If ever there was a book that was crying out to be made into a film, it's this one... Brilliantly executed, packed with colourful and vibrant characters. It's pacy, with smart dialogue and a fabulous sense of place. This is thriller writing of the highest quality." Random Things Through My Letterbox blog; "Dynamite ... whip-smart dialogue ... high-octane and full of tension, littered with car chases, shootouts, and cross and double-cross ... Highly recommended." Raven Crime Reads; "The blistering tension is ramped right up until the thrilling climax ... this book is a triumph. I can't recommend it highly enough." Suze Reviews; "Pitch perfect... Intriguing, engaging characters, a great storyline, some terrific action, all brilliantly executed...Douglas Skelton plots with aplomb, edge-of-the-seat stuff on occasion." Liz Loves Books; "It's a cracker. A pacy thrill-ride of a book with an authentic NYC setting, whip-smart dialogue and a cast of memorable characters. Think Goodfellas meets The Bourne Identity. Skelton's best yet." Lisa Gray; "Dynamite... authentically brutal, powerfully plotted and perfectly executed." Chapter In My Life crime fiction blog; "A book that sinks its teeth into its readers like a Rottweiler and simply never lets go: the main difference being that this is an extremely enjoyable experience." Undiscovered Scotland; "Fabulous... Well written, full of tension and suspense, it caught my imagination immediately and kept me hooked all the way through." Amanda Gillies, crime fiction reviewer;"A breakneck New York thriller - I can't wait to read the next one." Mason Cross; "A natural successor to Ed McBain, Douglas Skelton gives us a sharp and thrilling ride - a brilliant read." Michael J Malone; "A defining work by our finest emerging crime fiction talent." Quintin Jardine; "Ludlum meets Grisham in this fast-paced, fast-talking New York City thriller. Fascinating and utterly compelling." Denzil Meyrick; "Pacy, great characters, twisted enough to keep me guessing." Alex Gray; "Skelton really delivers with The Janus Run: the pace is relentless, the sense of place authentic, a story that draws you in and won't let go till the final page." Craig Russell; "What do you get if you mix a deep-cover agent, a witness protected mob member, a psychotic killer and more action than you can pull a trigger at? Welcome to the wonderful, high speed, rollercoaster planet that is Douglas Skelton's The Janus Run." Gordon Brown; "Bullet-ridden, bold, brilliant, The Janus Run hits its stride on the first page and hurtles to its conclusion with the speed of a runaway subway. Utterly unmissable." Neil Broadfoot; "This is brilliant-black-diamond hard writing ... brutal and enthralling. You never know where the next bullet is coming from. You'd better hang on tight for this one." Mark Leggatt

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288 pages