No Sweet Sorrow

A D.C.I. Daley Thriller

Denzil Meyrick author


Publisher:Birlinn General

Published:1st Jun '23


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No Sweet Sorrow cover

Be sure your sins will find you out . . . one day.

A potent new drug has hit the streets of Kinloch, and DCI Daley and Scott are struggling to catch the notorious gang behind this evil trade.

After a party of Oxford students arrives in town for a camping trip before a Himalayan expedition, one of the group seeks out an illegal high and is violently assaulted. However, these students are well connected, and this brings further unexpected problems for Daley. Ultimately, he and Scott will discover crimes as disturbing in nature as anything they have ever confronted.

'Intriguing, unfathomable. Meyrick’s strengths and hallmarks are all present and correct. No Sweet Sorrow doesn’t disappoint'

-- Alastair Mabbott * The Herald *

'Meyrick’s Kinloch novels are addictive. Those who already delight in them will find this new one up to standard, while new readers will surely be eager to track back and seek out the earlier books.'

-- Allan Massie * The Scotsman *

'This is a book that pushes you along at an engaging pace and which offers numerous twists and turns to keep you hooked right through to an ending that is nicely veiled and very satisfying'

-- Ken Lussey * Undiscovered Scotland *

'Very engaging and makes for very enjoyable and pleasant reading'

* The Yorkshire Post *

'Tense, exciting, rooted in the very real issues faced by rural communities, No Sweet Sorrow will keep you guessing ‘til the end'

-- Mary Picken * Live and Deadly Reviews *

'Well-researched and slickly delivered. The story moves along at a tidy pace… centred around a number of very contemporary crime and political issues making it all the more readable. Set against the backdrop of the Kintyre peninsula, a landscape both stark and remote, it entrances the reader, so much so I suspect many, like me, will want to visit and see the beauty for themselves. A great read'

* LoveReading *

'Heartily recommended for readers who want some authentic, gritty yet witty, top notch Scottish Noir, as fresh now as it ever has been'

* JenMedBookReviews *

'such good novel, written in a police procedural style but with humour and emotion'

-- Jude Wright * The Book Blog *

'A pulsating page turner which manages to marry humour, violence, crime and an insightful exploration of the country's drug crisis and its impact on small towns and villages and ends with an ending that I most definitely DID NOT see coming!'

* Chapter in My Li

ISBN: 9781846976377

Dimensions: 198mm x 129mm x 24mm

Weight: 300g

400 pages